All Mercia Residential Properties are pet-friendly,

The fee to have a pet is $300.00 per pet, per year. This is for one pet if we find non registered animals at your property the fine is $350.00  So please register your pets. If you wish to have additional animals stay at the property you have to pay the additional charges.

This Fee is for the privilege of having a pet and is not a damaged credit. You are responsible for any and all damages your pet does to the property. Just because our properties are pet-friendly this doesn’t mean anyone can bring a pet to the property.

You are to walk the pet on a leash at all times.

You are to pick up after your pet.

The Town of Chapel Hill does not allow you to Chain animals up outside.

When the property is being shown to prospective tenants you are to either remove the pet from the property or crate the animal.

At the expiration of the lease, the carpets are to be professionally cleaned and property to be BUG BOMED to remove any fleas and ticks etc. Your are to wash all walls and doors to remove any pet odors from the property. If you allow your property to smell like a dog blanket you will be charged for repainting and carpeting.

If you require a maintenance call, you have to crate the Pet or make arrangements for someone to be there to supervise the Pet whilst technicians are in the property.

These rules are for the safety of our employees and the safety of prospective tenants. We reserve the right to ask for the removal of any pet if you are not following the rules.


The Town Of Chapel Hill has strong residential parking regulations.

If you live in a SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE you are only allowed to have 4 cars parked at the property at any one time.

If you have additional cars, you are subject to fines, from the Town of $100.00 per day for the first offense. $250.00 per day for the second, and $500.00 for the third.

I am also required to TOW any additional vehicles.

If you live in a DUPLEX the regulations are no more than 6 cars per property.

Park in designated parking areas only,

Do not park or drive on the lawns(That’s the green stuff not the gray stuff).

These are the rules!!  I treat my tenants as adults if you choose to break these TOWN rules I have no Choice but to TOW or BOOT your cars. So please follow these rules.!!!!!

stock-vector-vector-illustration-of-a-cartoon-trash-can-57273850LETS TALK TRASHY!!!!

The Town of Chapel Hill does not have a LandFill !! Prior Students filled that up!!!!!

All Trash has to be taken to Durham ( they are very Trashy there)….LOL only Trash cans and bagged trash can be placed at the street.

If you place additional TRASH at the street I will have to have it removed and taken to DURHAM landfill at your expense.

Garbage service is conducted on Tuesday mornings.

Trash cans can only go to the curb the night before trash day and must be returned the night of trash day.

Any trash can that is left at the curd will be fined $25  by the town per day.

If we have to remove your trash can to the building on your behalf you will be charged a service fee of $30.00 per time so please remove them from the curb.

Please help us provide efficient, safe and timely service to all residents by doing the following:

ShowImage.aspxPut carts where a collector can conveniently get to them.
Use Town provided roll-out carts.

Cans should have tight-fitting lids that are water-tight and fly-proof.

Put all garbage and household refuse in watertight bags before being placed in refuse receptacles.

Only bagged trash can be placed in containers.

Do not pile trash at the curb we will have to remove it for you.

Wash roll-cart with soap and water as needed.

CartImage_Closed_000Place your cart at the curb with 3 feet clearance from cars, trees and other objects.

Place cart with the cart lid opening toward the street.

This will enable the arm to lift, and the lid to open when the cart gets tipped into the truck.
Line up the front of the cart so it is flush along the curb.

Place only the materials listed on the decal on your cart in the cart. Items must fit loosely and the lid must be able to fully close.
Any items left on the ground will not be recycled.

Empty, flatten, cut or fold corrugated cardboard boxes so they fit loosely inside the cart.
NO plastic bags or garbage, please.

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